Money Show

Four Favorites for Balanced Growth

Tom Sudyka discusses the fundamentals of the LK Balanced Fund and provides his thoughts on four favorite long-term investments.


Europe vs. U.S.

On CNBC's "Markets Now", Tom Sudyka provides his insight on a couple stock picks.

MoneyLife with Chuck Jaffe

Market Call with Tom Sudyka

Tom Sudyka talks with Chuck Jaffe about the LK Balanced Fund and shares his thoughts on a few stocks.


Energy Stocks

Tom Sudyka comments on oil stock, Chesapeake Energy.


Global Economy Decelerating

Tom Sudyka shares his opinion on whether or not there is an alternative to U.S. equities.

Bloomberg Radio

Analyst Calls

During an interview with Bloomberg's Michael McKee, Tom Sudyka discusses the Balanced Fund and the market.

Investor's Business Daily

Selling an Advisory Practice May Take Time to Achieve

Tom Sudyka says that acquiring the next generation of advisers is a big issue for the industry. "You may want a nice continual flow and continuity for your clients."


Balanced with Selectivity

Proponents of a balanced strategy, Bruce Van Kooten and Tom Sudyka discuss the strategy and investment process of the LK Balanced Fund during this Q&A interview. They believe that most investors need a balance in their financial life and that a balanced product tends to keep investors involved in the market in times of distress without sacrificing return.


Top Global Investments: Europe, Disney and More

Tom Sudyka thinks the stronger dollar will continue and prefers investing in the U.S. He comments on a few of his preferred stocks.

US News & World Report

10 Investing Strategies to Last a Lifetime

Investing requires a balance, says Tom Sudyka. He suggests that investors invest in what they can understand.

Interview with Lawson Kroeker Portfolio Manager Tom Sudyka

Tom Sudyka provides his insight on various aspects of the LK Balanced Fund during a Q&A interview.

Bloomberg Radio

Taking Stock: Van Kooten on Stocks for 2015

Bruce Van Kooten talks with Carol Massar about the LK Balanced Fund strategy, providing his perspective on a mix of stocks and bonds. He also comments on a few stocks.


Balanced Buys for Stable Growth

Tom Sudyka believes investing in a balanced fund helps take the risk element out for the individual investor and keep them invested better for the long-term. He speaks with Steven Halpern about the LK Balanced Fund and some of his favorite equities.


Stocks Stagger Back From Session Lows But Oil Falls Below $58

Tom Sudyka believes the decline in oil prices could continue and cites geopolitical pressure as a factor. He suspects fund managers could lighten their energy positions going into year-end.


White Swan vs. Black Swan

Regarding the possibility of losing market share to index tracking funds, Tom Sudyka believes it’s better to focus on investing for the long term, owning high quality companies for the long term, and looking through the short-term volatility.


U.S. Stocks Rise to Records Amid Deals, Retail Earnings

As the U.S. stock market rose to record levels, Tom Sudyka says the merger and acquisition activity provided a lot of support to the general investment psyche.


Why Would They Sell This Stock To Us At This Price?

Tom Sudyka discusses the investment philosophy at LK Funds, to be client- and fundamentally-focused, with Wally Forbes. He shares a bit about the firm's history and the process they go through when buying a stock.


Investors search for clarity

Tom Sudyka discusses market nervousness as earnings season approaches.


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Seeking balance: a Bottoms-up Strategy

Tom Sudyka discusses the bottom-up approach of the LK Balanced Fund and a trio of stocks with Steven Halpern. He believes that focusing on individual securities and analysis positions the Fund to handle rising rates or deflation.

MoneyLife with Chuck Jaffe

Market Call with Tom Sudyka

During an interview with Chuck Jaffe, Tom Sudyka talks about the investment strategy of the LK Balanced Fund and comments on a few stock picks.


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Investment Strategies

The economy is doing better than most people think it is in Tom Sudyka's opinion. He discusses the LK Balanced Fund and a few stocks with Rhonda Schaffler.


Investment Strategies: Small-Cap Spotlight

Tom Sudyka provides his insight on small-cap stock, Texas Pacific Land Trust, with Rhonda Schaffler.

Bloomberg Radio

LK's Sudyka Says Midwest Does Not Focus on 'Chatter'

During Bloomberg Radio's "Taking Stock" segment, Tom Sudyka discusses the markets and looking for value with Bloomberg's Pimm Fox and Carol Massar.

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